As at 3 August 1997

The following pictures contributed by Peppe Arnigne in Stockholm, Sweden, showing taxi life in Sweden, Thailand and the Phillipines. Initial illustrations are tiny "thumbnail" graphics; click on the thumbnail to download and display the full size picture.

This photo shows a Taxi Stockholm limousine during the Stockholm marathon in June 1997. And - yes - I know the guy pretty well...

Popular dining place, close to Kao San Road in central Bangkok

Two Tuk-Tuk's - tricycle taxis - in central Bangkok. I just love them!

A cabbie from Malmoe, in south Sweden, loves old vehicles. This is an american car (I don't know what brand) from 1958 which is made up as a fully functional cab. And he uses it!

A friend of mine who is only 23 and a cab owner. Loves his Chevy Caprice, made up as a real NY cab. If he gets hailed?

Another cab company called Carrier Taxi in downtown Stockholm. This is what it looks like in this city (houses etc). Stockholm has around 21 active cab companies right now (July 97)

At the taxi rank in the city of Visby on the island of Gotland.

One nice Volvo to drive! Pure dynamite! Normally based in Stockholm but the owner uses to bring this cab down to the island of Gotland

Isn't it a beauty? Pure chrome and in use! This Philippino jeepney - one of approx. 250,000 in the country - was the nicest one I've ever seen. Many of them are wrecks, full of rust and corrosion. The normal procedure is that jeepneys run specific tours (station to station, back and forth) and this one wasn't different. Unfortunately I was going the other direction...

Limousines belonging to Taxi Stockholm waiting at a taxi stand for orders. This pic was taken during the Stockholm marathon in June 1997.

There are many different taxis in Manila. This was one of them...

Thai motorcycle police talking to a civilian friend in Thailnd's holiday resort Pattaya. (Right now the center for the terrible hotel holocaust in which 80 people were killed)

Pasig, which is the part of Manila where the world famous Smokey Mountain is situated, is also one of the world's biggest dumps. It smells, it sounds and people living here make something like one (1) US dollar a week from collecting garbage. I have seen a lot but this was the worse and I almost cried when I saw under what circumstances these people lived. If you have seen the pictures from the Zaire refugee camps on CNN, then you know what I mean. BUT what wonderful people I met!

Going for a coffee break. Thai police officer tired after driving around for 25 minutes, collecting the day's bribes...(no joke, unfortunately)

This is the police HQ in the Philipino city of Balibago, on the island of Luzon. I knocked the door, asked the guys to come out for a picture, which they did. After that they invited us (me and two photographers) for rum and coca cola at the station. Three hours later we came out hammered and fully instructed in how to use a M-16 and a two-barrel shotgun!!!

"From Russia with love". Why be honest and work when you can live your life in luxury by simply selling some white stuff at the railway station or killing some 20 or 30 people? The Russians are in Stockholm and they drive Rolls-Royce convertibles. Did they leave the Moskovitch at home?

Just a taxi stand in the western parts of central Stockholm. It looks like late October...brrr...

Biggest cab owner in Taxi Stockholm. Has something like 30 or 40 cabs, mostly new Volvo 850's or Mercedes. The guy cleaning the cab is me!

In the night there are still many jeepneys on the streets of Manila and you should be glad if you can catch a bus that has some space left.

Top Cab, one of Stockholm's smaller cab companies, at the central station in downtown Stockholm. November 1996.

I just love this pic! The guy has added a safety belt to his tricycle and usese it as a pillow! Yes, it's no fake, he is actually sleeping. Picture taken in Angeles City, Luzon, northern Philippines.


Thai tricycles - in the central parts of Bangkok.

More to come, always under construction.......

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