A woman passenger is opening the door of a taxi on a busy New York City street


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Hunger Strike! How Immigrant Taxi Drivers Took On City Hall - a podcast from At The Moment: Asian American News. Members of the New York Taxi Workers Alliance led a successful debt-forgiveness campaign in the wake of collapsing medallion prices.

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What else is on Taxi-Library.org?

The site contains a few thousand documents, images and links related to the taxi industry.

Everything should be accessible through the Culture, Business and Safety links on the navigation bar. Those three pages are long but there are many gems within!

Cultural material on the World of Taxis page is organized by geographic region.

The Business page includes items related to regulation and policy arranged by year of publication.

The Safety section on crime prevention is exhaustive and includes a Memoriam page that documents over 2000 taxi driver homicides.

Some pages on the site utilize an earlier design intended for desktop screens. Holding your handheld device horizontally will make those pages more user-friendly. Happy browsing and don't forget the search bar.


Taxi Library is a non-commercial educational website serving the taxicab industry worldwide. It provides an extensive collection of documents and links relating to the taxi business, which is a private segment of municipal and rural transportation systems throughout the world.

The website represents the contributions of many people including drivers, company managers, regulators, journalists, academics and family members.

Charles smiles for the camera, New York City 2005

Taxi Library is maintained by Charles Rathbone, who began working as a taxicab driver in San Francisco in 1975. He also worked as a labor and community organizer. He operated a cab as a single-shift independent owner-driver, and as an employer with his own one-cab microfleet. He is now retired from his work as an assistant manager at a fleet with 200 cabs.

Charles has served as an expert witness including at a murder trial. In 2011 he was an invited speaker at a United Nations Expert Group Meeting in Rio de Janiero on the greening of the Latin American taxi fleet.

During breaks from his taxi work, Charles earned a BA degree in Geography from the University of California at Berkeley, and satisfied a wanderlust that took him to 40 states and 34 countries. Send him an email: charles at taxi-library dot org.

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