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Blue Bird Cab, 1920's.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 15)

According to John Blackie, a member of the Manitoba Classic & Antique Auto Club, this Blue Bird cab is a Dodge. Blue Bird was one of the many taxi companies operating in Winnipeg during the 1920's.

George Ewing, another member of the Club, owns a 1920's ticket envelope from Winnipeg's Playhouse Theatre which has a Blue Bird Cab & U Drive advertisement on one side.

The company's slogan was "There in a Minute." It offered "Hudson Sedans, Meter Cabs and Willys Knight Sedans," as well as special rates for weddings and funerals. The envelope is illustrated with a photo of a cab identical to the one in this picture.

Picture source: Provincial Archives of Manitoba, Transportation - Automobile - Taxi 2.

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