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Diamond Taxi, 1920's.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 17)

John Blackie identified the make of this Diamond cab as a Chalmers.

During the '20's Diamond Taxi was one of Winnipeg's major companies and operated a fleet of big, purpose-built cabs. During the 30's it ran into stiff competition from cut-rate cab operators who used ordinary sedans.

Diamond's chief antagonist was Moore's Taxi, whose owner was able to undercut and absorb most of his competitors thanks to his profitable coal and wood business. George Moore's marketing tactics included flat rates, coupons, giveaways, and unmarked Cadillac limos.

Diamond changed tactics in the face of this competition. According to John Blackie, Diamond "had a fleet of Elcars and I believe some Checkers. In 1932 they took all these old cabs out of service and put on a fleet of Model B Ford sedans. To advertise the new '32 Fords the company gave free rides anywhere in the city limits the day the cars went into service." Nevertheless, Diamond finally succumbed and sold out to Moore around 1935.

Picture source: Provincial Archives of Manitoba, Transportation - Automobile - Taxi 3. Photo by E. Fillery.

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