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Black & White Taxis, 1928.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 21)

This photo shows three Black & White taxis parked outside the front entrance of the Canadian Pacific Railway Station, about 1928.

The stand seems to have been designed without much regard for the convenience of either drivers or passengers.

The limited, out-of-the-way parking space forces the cabbies to back into position, partly to enable a quick departure, and partly to let them keep an eye on the station entrance.

Changing position on the stand is quite awkward. If the cab in the number one position pulls off the stand to pick up a passenger, the cabs in the number two and three positions have to edge forward and back in order to advance sideways.

This all goes to show that there is nothing new under the sun. Seventy years later, cabbies have to contend with the same awkward arrangement at Winnipeg's largest shopping center, Polo Park. There's a new wrinkle, though -- the cabs at Polo Park have to sit with their backs to the main entrance!

Picture source: Provincial Archives of Manitoba, Winnipeg - Railway Stations - CPR (3) - 11.

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