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Taxi Driver on a Stand, 1935.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 22)

This picture, taken in 1935, is from one of Claude P. Dettloff's little photo essays which appeared regularly under the title "Meandering Candid Camera" on the front page of the Winnipeg Tribune.

Each essay was made up of three or four photos depicting Winnipeg scenes. Unfortunately, the photos appeared as grainy, postage-stamp sized prints which don't reproduce very well.

Despite the poor quality of the reproduction, this photo gives us a glimpse into the world of the Winnipeg cab driver in 1935. Like Tony Dorco, the driver is standing outside his cab waiting for potential fares while a brisk February breeze whips at his overcoat.

Dettloff's caption says it all: "The taxi driver. Sometimes he gets a fare, but most of the time he just waits."

By 1939 Dettloff was in Vancouver and eventually became a staff photographer for the Vancouver Province. Many of his newspaper photographs wound up in the Province morgue, and are now in the Vancouver Public Library. Nearly 250 of his freelance photos of the 1939 royal visit are in the Vancouver city archives.

Unfortunately for us, Dettloff sold his photos to the Winnipeg Tribune on a freelance basis, so the negatives and original prints remained his property and were not retained by the newspaper. If they still exist, they are probably in private hands. Until they turn up somewhere, smudgy little reproductions are all we have.

Picture source: Winnipeg Tribune, Feb. 20, 1935, p. 1. Another Dettloff photo showing a taxi in a blizzard appeared in the Tribune for March 6, 1935, but it is too grainy to scan.

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