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City Hall Cab Stand, 1894.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 5)

Here's another picture of a cab on the City Hall stand, dated 1894. Early cameras had primitive lenses, but the large film surface (usually 8 by 10 inches) absorbed detail like a sponge. It's amazing what you can see when you look at these old photos through a magnifying glass.

The day was obviously warm when this photo was taken, and the side curtains at the rear of the cab have been opened. The near horse is tethered to an iron weight visible on the plank sidewalk. Contrary to the cab bylaw, the driver is not in his seat maintaining control of his horses. Perhaps he is having lunch across the street at the X-10-U-8 cafe, or maybe he is inside the cab, taking a short nap in the shade.

The piles of what seem to be little kegs are apparently cedar paving blocks, dumped there for impending street repairs. An electric streetcar is entering the photo at right, and across Main Street a wooden crate is sitting at the edge of the sidewalk with one end propped up on the curb.

Picture source: Western Canada Pictorial Index, 412-13355. "1885 Monument in front of City Hall, Winnipeg, 1894. Photo courtesy Eric Wells."

(One of a series of three Steele & Co. views of Main Street from City Hall dated 1894. The same cab appears in all three.)

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