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A.S. Bardal Funeral Cab, circa 1910.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 7)

This photo shows the type of vehicle favoured by cab owners in Winnipeg. This one was owned by Arinbjorn S. Bardal, an Icelander who came to Winnipeg in the 1880's and established a successful undertaking business.

A.S. Bardal operated cabs as one of his sidelines, turning the tables on livery stable owners who had long dabbled in the funeral business. When his vehicles got too shabby for his funeral clientele, he turned them into street cabs and put them on the public stands.

This photo, probably from about 1910 or so, shows a new rubber-tired carriage and its top-hatted crew rigged out for a funeral. The white ribbon attached to the door handle was a symbol of mourning.

Picture source: Provincial Archives of Manitoba, A.S. Bardal Collection, 24.

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