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A.S. Bardal Funeral Cab, circa 1900.

(Winnipeg, Manitoba - 8)

Here's one of A.S. Bardal's earlier cabs, taken in front of his original funeral home. He soon replaced the wooden building with a brick one containing apartments on the second floor. It is still in use as a funeral home and apartment block.

Just as cab owners nowadays favour large standard sedans, horse cab owners favoured standard four-passenger carriages, with a driver's "box" in front of the passenger compartment. The carriages generally had a retractable leather hood at the back, and judging by a carriage in the Western Development Museum, Saskatoon the rest of the roof could be removed, turning a closed carriage into an open one as the need arose.

The major difference (apart from styling) between this cab and the one in the previous picture is the tires. This older cab has steel tires, the previous cab has solid rubber ones.

Picture source: Provincial Archives of Manitoba, A.S. Bardal Collection, 15.

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