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Alireza Ebrahimian

Ottawa, Ontario / November 25, 1987

Mr. Ebrahimian, 28, was shot to death from the back seat of his cab in Hull, Québec at about 3:50 a.m. on Saturday, November 25, 1987. He was shot at least four times, twice in the head.

Residents of Isabelle Street were awakened by the sound of a car crash. They then heard a man shouting, followed by the sound of shots. A witness saw the fleeing assailant and was able to give police a description. A young man was arrested soon afterward.

Police recovered the murder weapon, a 9mm pistol. There was evidence that Mr. Ebrahimian and the killer knew each other -- both were to appear in court in December on charges of possessing an unregistered, restricted weapon in a motor vehicle. The charges had been laid in 1986 by the Gloucester, Ontario police.

Mr. Ebrahimian, the son of a high-ranking Iranian military officer, came to Canada about ten years previously to study at the University of Ottawa. Apparently his family was trying to escape the worsening political situation in Iran. An 18-year-old brother to whom Mr. Ebrahimian regularly sent money was a student in West Germany. A 24-year-old sister lived in Italy. Their mother had visited Mr. Ebrahimian six months before his death and planned to return to stay with him permanently.

Mr. Ebrahimian was forced to leave school after the Iranian revolution when his education funding was cut off. He worked at several jobs including bouncer and part owner of a Hull night club that closed after a fire. He drove taxi off and on for several years but had only been working for Blue Line for two weeks. The cab owner, a distant relative, characterized Mr. Ebrahimian as a good friend and reliable driver.

On the morning of his death Mr. Ebrahimian booked off at about 2:30 a.m. but apparently drove across the Ottawa River to Hull, Québec, to look for fares at local bars. Although illegal it was common practice for Ottawa drivers to do this.

Despite the number of shots fired the killer claimed that the shooting was accidental. He was sentenced to seven years for Ebrahimian's death but was released by January, 1990. In that month he took part with three others in the execution of a drug dealer in Cumberland, Ontario. He also murdered the drug dealer's pregnant girlfriend to prevent her from testifying as a witness. After his arrest he allegedly told a fellow convict that Mr. Ebrahimian's killing had taught him a lesson about leaving witnesses alive. The killer was convicted of the double murder in 1995.