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Gurmeet Singh Waraich

Calgary, Alberta / August 12, 1982

Gurmeet Singh Waraich, 33, left home at about 8 p.m. on August 12, 1982 to pick up a fare at the Calgary Tower. Witnesses said Waraich had driven the fare, a white male who was usually accompanied by another man, several times before.

Mr. Waraich was first directed to a shopping mall where one of the men purchased a hammer and a screwdriver. He was then told to drive to an underground parkade in Motel Village in northwest Calgary.

Here the two men attacked Mr. Waraich, one strangling him while the other hit him with the hammer and screwdriver. The screwdriver was driven into the victim's ear so violently that it broke. Fragments of Mr. Waraich's teeth were later found in his hair, lungs and airway.

Mr. Waraich's body was locked in the cab's trunk where it was found five days later. His watch and gold ring had not been removed and his wallet contained $225 as well as $46 in U.S. money.

The crime remained unsolved for eight years. In 1990 charges were brought against Mr. Waraich's brother-in-law who was alleged to have paid $5,000 through an intermediary to have Mr. Waraich beaten up. The motive was revenge for having dishonoured the man's sister by divorcing her. The woman supposedly agreed to a "temporary" divorce so that she could marry Mr. Waraich's brother and enable him to come to Canada, but when the divorce was finalized Mr. Waraich reneged on the deal.

Somehow the contract for a beating turned into a contract for a murder. The brother-in-law was subsequently blackmailed into paying the killers another $20,000 to cover up his involvement.

One of the killers was convicted of murder on the evidence of three serving convicts who testified that he confessed details of the crime to them. He was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole for 25 years.

A second man was sentenced to 12 years for conspiring to commit murder. The brother-in-law was sentenced to seven years after pleading guilty to manslaughter.

Calgary Tower (Source: Wikipedia)

A fourth man was acquitted. While awaiting trial in connection with two other murders he unsuccessfully sued the Crown prosecutor and several senior Calgary police officers for malicious prosecution.