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Rideshare drivers joined the memorial for taxi driver Khalil.

Khalil Jhbbour

Albuquerque, New Mexico 2017

Long-time taxicab driver was known in the Ethiopian community as a singer, musician, writer and artist.

Asfawosen Alemseged

Hollywood, California 2016

Seneca drove a cab in the Chicago suburbs to support his 5-year-old son.

Seneca Richardson

Maywood, Illinois 2015

Andrew came to the defense of a woman passenger who was attacked when she got out of his cab.

Andrew Carnavale

Scottsdale, Arizona 2015

The father of a 5-month-old girl, he had just started working for the sedan service a week earlier.

Mijael Rodriguez-Ramirez

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2015

His wife's last words to him over the phone: "I just told him to come home."

Chinedu Madu

Chicago, Illinois 2015

Known by his friends as "Charlie Tuna."

Charles Junke

Lakewood, Ohio 2015

Dollar van driver, shot by another van driver, leaves five children.

Leon Brown

Far Rockaway, New York 2015

Former police officer was a father and grandfather.

Dean Barker

Merced, California 2015

Cab company owner: "Everybody is sad here today. I've been doing this for 30 years. I have lost 12 drivers."

Kedir Yahya

Capitol Heights, Maryland 2014

Mr. Odifa's wife, Toyin, moved to the U.S. from Nigeria with their 9-month-old son only six months prior.

Afolabi Odifa

Norcross, Georgia 2014

Family of slain driver needs help with burial costs.

Jackson Pierre-Louis

Norwalk, Connecticut 2014

His father drove a taxicab, and so did his wife.

Charles Montgomery

North Charleston, South Carolina 2014

One of two Bronx livery drivers slain within a week of each other; same suspects in both crimes.

Maoudo Kane

Bronx, New York 2014

Second Louisville taxicab driver slain within four months.

Papa Thiam

Louisville, Kentucky 2014

His father started a group to combat violence. Many victims are remembered on Facebook.

Benjamin Kirby

Crownsville, Maryland 2014

Livery driver worked two jobs to take care of his family.

Javan Boyd

Chicago, Illinois 2014

"He's a very hardworking man. So, he has little kids you know?" said his friend Fazel Karim.

Mohammed Kamal

Stamford, Connecticut 2014

"His niece Kelly Baker loved hearing her uncle tell stories about driving a cab in the Cape Region. He had a sharp wit and dry sense of humor that made her laugh."

William Toomey

Millsboro, Delaware 2014

"He made his daughter a promise, 'I'm gonna take you to the park every day,' " said Sarfaraz's cousin.

Hafiz Salman Sarfaraz

West Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 2013

Shot and killed while waiting at an East Side gas station for his first fare of the day.

Jawan McQueen

Detroit, Michigan 2012

Cathy, center, with her children.

Cathy Stickley

Cedar Rapids, Iowa 2011

"He laughed and my heart just stopped," his wife recalled. "It was the most full, beautiful, happy laugh that I ever heard in my entire life..."

Amine Lemghaili

Lexington, Kentucky 2011

Killed when a driver fleeing from police collided with his taxicab.

Mohamed Ould Mohamed Sidi

Erlanger, Kentucky 2011

Uneasy about two recent taxi robberies, he took some time off and had just returned to work.

Raphael Cudjoe

Petersburg, Virginia 2011

Unlicensed livery driver is survived by his wife and young daughter. Cab had no partition, no camera; no arrests.

Pericles Salas

Yonkers, New York 2009

Livery driver was the second slain in the Bronx in a week.

Jose Pena-Segura

New York City (Bronx), New York 2009

Former diplomat was father of three and the author of three books.

Joseph Adeyanju Adefolalu

Greensboro, North Carolina 2009

His mother drove cabs when she was younger, told him to watch out. "It's not like it used to be."

Hassan Miller

East Orange, New Jersey 2009

Linda took a fare at 5 a.m. on Saturday morning that turned into an armed robbery and murder.

Linda Faison

St. Petersburg, Florida 2008

Gypsy cab driver was punched by an angry passenger, pushed out of his cab; struck by another car and killed.

Winston Frank

Woodhaven, Queens (NYC), New York 2008

Lois, a single mother of two sons and two daughters, drove a taxi for 18 years.

Lois Ivory

Grand Prairie, Texas 2008

"Sab" emigrated from Nigeria and co-founded a cab company. He is described by his fellow drivers as easy-going and gregarious.

Sabiu Tukur

Raliegh, North Carolina 2008

A new American citizen, Abdelrahmen was working to bring his wife and three young sons from war-torn Sudan.

Abdelrahman Ahmed

Rochester, New York 2008

Mr. Woodger was held in high regard by his colleauges.

Robert Woodger

Sydney, NSW, Australia 2007

Mr. Chavez was driving home with his wife and 5-year old son from Church of God in Lake Worth when he heard the dispatcher call for a pickup nearby.

Francisco Arturo Chavez

West Palm Beach, Florida 2006

A suspect in the murder was photographed by a security camera in Mr. Bhatti's cab. The same assailant seriously injured another Toronto cab driver on the same night.

Mahmood Bhatti

Toronto, Ontario 2006

Husband and wife worked hard and bought a new cab. Seerajie disguised herself as a man when driving, but was shot by young carjackers.

Seerajie Singh

Stabroek, Guyana 2006

Nelcena, 25, drove a taxi one month; said she intended to quit because the work was too dangerous.

Nelcena Jenkins

Summerville, South Carolina 2006

A passenger attacked him despite signs in the cab warning that a security camera was taking pictures.

Morteza Khorasani

Toronto, Ontario 2005

His wife told their two children that their father was now "a star in heaven driving Jesus to Asda in his taxi."

Colin Winstone

Bristol, England 2005

One brother was riding along with the other to learn the cab business. Both were murdered on the same night. Survived by their wives and a total of ten children.

Johnny and Edgar Infante

Newark, New Jersey 2005

Driver was studying to be a Baptist minister. He was stabbed to death by a customer who refused to pay a $7 fare.

Heros Previlon

Brighton, Massachusetts 2005

Immigrant from Somalia and father to seven children, Yussuf was honored by hundreds of his colleagues.

Hassan Mohamoud Yussuf

Edmonton, Alberta 2005

Survived by his wife and two daughters, aged 6 and 7.

Neville Bailey

Rochester, New York 2005

Police theorize that Guess, father of nine, was killed by a young man trying to impress fellow gang members.

Derald Howard Guess

Edgewood, Maryland 2004

"He was murdered over $7.00, he was just out working that night to make extra money for his daughter's 16th birthday (2 days later), and to get the rest of her school supplies."

Charles Eugene Shields

Davidson County, North Carolina 2004

Doused with gasoline and set afire in a botched robbery.

Pairoj Chitprasart

Las Vegas, Nevada 2004

Livery driver slain, then assailants fired on police

Santos Solano

Newark, New Jersey 2004

Assailants who killed two in a crime spree later claimed that the shotgun murder of Mr. Romberg was an accident

John Romberg

Baraboo, Wisconsin 2004

Driver who headed Táchi Express was assassinated outside his home

Javier Becerra Chacón

San Cristóbal, Venezuela 2004

His son Ujwal was talking to him on the phone when the assault began

Benu Prasad-Adhikari

Melbourne, Victoria, Australia 2004

The apparent motive for the murder was to steal his taxicab

Ismael Mamani Santos

Oruro, Bolivia 2004

Mother of three was slain in her first month as a cab driver

Gisele Minhas

Dieppe, New Brunswick 2004

Recent immigrant, a devout church member, is survived by a wife and four year old son

Greigory Rogozhnikov

Portland, Oregon 2003

Fatally pushed down a staircase by a passenger who fled without paying

Michinori Masaki

Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture, Japan 2003

A 17-year old boy was arrested for the crime and charged with first-degree murder

Samuel Akinduro

Landover, Maryland 2003

Somali immigrant is survived by his wife and two year old son

Ahmed Hussein Ahmed

Minneapolis, Minnesota 2003

Shot, then the cab crashed and burned

Sukhpal Singh Sodhi

San Francisco, California 2002

Two gunmen lay in wait for him, paramilitary claimed credit

Barney McDonald

County Tyrone, Ireland 2002

A gas station security camera provided police with a lead

Troy A. Prather

Tucson, Arizona 2002

Mortally wounded, he attempted to drive himself to a hospital but got into a wreck injuring a man and child before he died

Sy-Savane Oumar

New York, New York 1999

Medallion cab driver was third NYC cabby slain in a week, 35th that year, precipitated a protest involving 4000 taxicabs

Altaf Qureshi

New York, New York 1993

Shot in the back attempting to flee from robbers

Kweyisi Amoasi-Mensah

Washington, DC 1992

Driver for 30 years was husband of Maryola Jones and grandfather to two

Jackson Jones

San Diego, California 1992

Driver tried to get help at a residence but nobody was home, later a suspect was arrested in Houston in connection with the murder of another taxicab driver

Michael Lane Grubbs

Dallas, Texas 1992

Shot while assisting a customer unloading groceries

Richard Harcos

San Francisco, California 1992

His wife Deborah worked with Karyn Imrich to get partitions installed in LA cabs

Titus Imaku

Los Angeles, California 1991

Slain driver's wife, Karyn Imrich, worked with Deborah Imaku to get partitions in LA cabs

Stanley Kolsky

Los Angeles, California 1990

"Big Mo" often gave young people free rides home to get them off the streets at night

Robert William Moore

Dallas, Texas 1990

Slain three weeks after attending the funeral for his friend "Big Mo" Moore

Sammie Lee Woodard

Dallas, Texas 1990

Haitian artist drove a gypsy cab

Elisca Dupiton

New York, New York 1989

Ambushed when he went to ring a doorbell, never recovered and died four years later in his wife Carol's arms

John Coleman

San Francisco, California 1989

Police say that new forensic technology offers hope for this decades-old case, but lost evidence is preventing a conviction.

Brian Hodgkinson

Bundaberg, Queensland Australia 1987

"Jimmy was a quiet, unassuming guy who never had a bad word to say about anything. He was just a wonderful guy."
- Guy Roberts of Maltor Service

James Gossman

New York, NY 1987

Survived by his wife Rita and sons Joseph and Daniel

George Graph Griffin III

Tampa, Florida 1986

Ms. Shelton was the second San Antonio taxi driver slain in ten months

Lou Ann Shelton

San Antonio, Texas 1985

His sister Bettina later asked NYPD to reopen the investigation

Philip H. Cohen

New York, New York 1983

"I remember his funeral. There were a lot of television news people there recording the whole thing. I remember my mother being interviewed by a newsman and she suggested to them to put bullet proof glass in the cabs. At the time there was a series of murders of cab drivers in the area."

Recollection of Terrie, one of his six children

Gene Allen Jorgensen

Oakland, California 1978

Wayne's family posted a reward offer, which still stands. The notice appeared in the Ottawa Citizen for five days during March 1998.

Wayne Roushorn

Nepean, Ontario 1977

Pictured with his kid sister Roseann, Mr. Brecher was survived by his own young children as well.

Earl William Brecher

Anaheim, California 1965

One of five drivers slain in the Bay Area and Sacramento in 1947-48

Ernest A. Pinataro

San Francisco, California 1947

Remembered and missed even after the passage of many years

Lawrence Burleigh (Dick) Hewitt

Kitchener, Ontario 1937

Janet Hilliard, left, and Helen Smiley with a photograph of their father Dick Hewitt.

Photo by Mathew McCarthy, Waterloo Region Record staff, 2015

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