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606 Taxicab Driver Homicides, United States and Canada 1980-1994

by Charles Rathbone


The report identifies 606 homicides of cab drivers known to have occurred between 1980-94. For about 280 of the deaths, additional information was gathered such as time of day, type of weapon and so on. The detailed information is primarily from press reports. The author's analysis suggests that there are patterns in taxicab driver homicides.

Tables and charts displaying the findings of this report.

Sources and limitations and a description of the notation in the list of homicides.

List of homicides including (where known) name, place and injury.

Appendix A : NIOSH tables, including 1993 unpublished data.

Appendix B : Hazard management approach, text and causal sequence chart by Julie A. Holston.

Appendix C : Type of firearm used in 57 fatal and non-fatal assaults.

Report prepared July 1994
Text and formatting revised January 2002
Copyright 1994 and 2002 Charles Rathbone
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