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A Painting by Lawrence Montgomery

Pearl, a painting by Lawrence Montgomery View a larger sized image of the painting.

Many thanks to San Francisco artist Lawrence Montgomery for permission to reproduce the painting above, which is one in a series of cab paintings from the time he drove a cab part-time in SF. The large painting (57" X 72" acrylic on canvas) is titled "Pearl." It was displayed for years in the office of former Supervisor Tom Ammiano in San Francisco City Hall.

The scene evokes memories for me of another time, decades ago, when I too drove for the now-defunct Red-White Cab Co. The driver in this painting, with a cigarette hanging out of his mouth, has a decidedly beat look to him. The customer, looking out from the painting at the viewer, has an inexplicably dour look on her face. It is as if she is unhappy with a stranger who is gazing rudely in her direction. The cab itself is minus its hub caps, revealing that the scene is from before the days of the Taxi Commission, which would never allow such casual outfitting of vehicles.

I find myself drawn into this painting and can easily imagine what else is going on in the rest of the city during those days, which seem not so terribly long ago.

The painting with its taxi theme has significance for Supervisor Ammiano as well. His Dad drove a taxi and to this day Tom has a special interest in the industry.

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