CNG-powered taxi at Yellow Cab Co-op, photo by Charles Rathbone

Links and References

Expert Group Meeting in Rio de Janeiro: Greening Taxis in Latin America

Presentation: Private Sector Initiatives On Greening Taxi Services In California

John Lazar in front of the car wash at Luxor Cab

Fortune Small Business, September 2005 article on Luxor Cab, "Clean Machines"

Luxor Cab Company in San Francisco, California

Photo of John Lazar by Charles Rathbone

Green Cab in front of the St. Francis Hotel, SF

Green Cab photo courtesy of Green Cab LLC

Mayor Gavin Newsom at a press conference in front of SF City Hall

February 2008 San Francisco Clean Air Ordinance for Taxicabs

Gavin Newsom photo from Flicker - Green Taxi Press Conference March 2010

Green stripes and theta symbol on a flag

Los Angeles Department of Transportation, December 16, 2010 - Board order 62 requiring greenhouse gas reductions in taxi fleets

Green Taxi Alternatives for Los Angeles

Yellow Cab Co. Los Angeles

Recommended Options for Taxicab Franchise Renewal Plans - Los Angeles City Council File 10-0996

L.A. council panel urges 5-year renewal of taxi franchise system - Los Angeles Times, October 14, 2010

Five-Year Green Taxicab Program - Prepared By Gladstein, Neandross and Associates on behalf of Yellow Cab Santa Monica, CA October 2010

Letter in Opposition to Council Motion 10-0996

Green flag graphic courtesy of Wikimedia Commons - US Ecology Flag


Yellow Cab of Northern Orange County

Photo of Disneyland courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

San Diego Airport terminal

San Francisco Airport Commission - Discussion of Airport Clean Vehicle Taxi Policy October 2005

Bay Area Air Quality Management District

Yellow Cab of San Diego

San Diego Regional Airport Authority Air Quality Plan - Ground Transportation Vehicle Conversion Incentive-Based Program, Adopted March 4, 2010

Photo of San Diego Airport courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Yellow Cabs and CNG fuel pumps

Clean Energy

Yellow Cab Cooperative

Photo of Yellow Cab fuel pumps by Charles Rathbone

Battery switching device

Better Place press release

Better Place Brochure on Bay Area Project

Video of Better Place project in Tokyo

Another video of Better Place project in Tokyo

San Jose Yellow Checker Cab

SFMTA Resolution authorizing participation in the EV taxi program - December 2010, item 10.4

Chart of bandit taxi impounds and arrests

Chart based on data from LADOT Annual Review of Bandit Taxi Enforcement, February 2011

Fiesta Taxi

Yellow Cab Company of Sacramento

Report to Law and Legislation Committee, City of Sacramento, May 3, 2011 - Taxicab Vehicle Permit Moratorium and Central Dispatch Systems

Ad showing Taxi Magic screen

Taxi Magic


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