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Essays on Taxi Regulation

by Terry Smythe, Former General Manager, Manitoba Taxicab Board

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Taxicab Myths, Mysteries and Truths

A Collection of Short Essays About the Taxicab Industry

© Copyright by Terry Smythe

Over the years I have been associated with the taxicab industry, I have had numerous occasions to write about significant and fundamentally important issues associated with the worldwide taxicab industry. These occasions have materialized through the pages of The REGULATOR, journal of the International Association of Transportation Regulators; Taxi Magazine out of New York City; and through the magic of the InterNet within extensive discussion with other concerned industry leaders. This is a living document, as additions to it will emerge from time to time.

The views expressed herein are mine alone, and no not reflect in any way upon any other association or organizational entity. Those wishing to make use of this collection of short essays for some formal purpose are requested to please seek my concurrence before doing so.

On Matters Dealing With:

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