Photo: New York City's 13,587 yellow medallion taxicabs serve more than 10 million passengers per month.

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Mrs. Gilbert Gomez and Mrs. Carol Collins, Yellow Cab Company drivers, 1958

Taxi Unions

Taxis and San Francisco Labor History

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A model poses as a horse cab driver in this postcard from the Femmes Cocher collection gathered by Norman Beattie. The series celebrates the role of women in the Paris taxi trade during the early 1900s.

Photo: a fashionable model poses as a woman horse coach driver in early 1900s Paris
Colorful graphic of a Winnipeg taxicab: Diamond Taxi, water colour by Randall Dyck

Taxi history from the 1870s to 1960s is illustrated with more than 100 photos from Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Text by Norman Beattie chronicles the transition from small horse-drawn liveries operating out of stables to fleets of Cadillacs, Nashs, Packards and Studebakers. Winnipeg Cab History is an enthralling read for taxi folk everywhere.

Best collection of taxi-related documents

Taxi Library is a non-commercial educational website serving the taxicab industry worldwide. It provides an extensive collection of documents and links relating to the taxi business, which is a private segment of municipal and rural transportation systems throughout the world.

Founded as Taxi-L in 1999 by former Winnipeg regulator Terry Smythe, Taxi Library represents the contributions of many people including drivers, company managers, regulators, journalists, academics and family members.

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Taxi Library is maintained by Charles Rathbone, who began working as a taxicab driver in San Francisco in 1975. He also worked as a labor and community organizer. He operated a cab as a single-shift independent owner-driver, and as an employer with his own one-cab microfleet. He is now retired from his work as an assistant manager at a fleet with 200 cabs.

During breaks from his taxi work, Charles earned a BA degree in Geography from the University of California at Berkeley, and satisfied a wanderlust that took him to 40 states and 33 countries.

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